yesterday i heard a little boy say to his mom; look mom! the sun is starting to set! as if it were for the very first time he witnessed the event.
when did we stop embracing, the basic things. the everyday tasks we dislike doing; the dishes, (vacuüm)cleaning, laundry, ironing, grocery shopping, dry out the shower, and so on. tasks which were to die for to be engaged in as a little kid. “mom, can i help you? i wanna cut the tomatoes! / i wanna press the elevator button! / i wanna spend more time than needed in the shower to make sure every little corner is dry!” things we do on autopilot once we are grownups. but when does this turning point take place? after our 12th birthday? 14th? or just one random day, when our mind decides to switch on a numb routinely mode. when our mind is no longer a sponge, get’s bored easily and is only triggered to come alive by extreme activities and circumstances. and to cope with the everyday life, the regular, we develop certain habits which aren’t always as harmless as we believe to think. life events have to be outrageous, out of the ordinary. it is only then, we call it a ‘new experience’. like bungeejumping, having a piercing/tattoo, taking drugs, go backpacking, have a threesome/affair, act against the laws. life as life, is not enough anymore. i admire and pursue the wonderment kids have. because once we stop embracing life as life, life will neither embrace us. and i must say, i succeed pretty good. it starts with the rising of the sun each day, as well as when she starts to set at night. the happening soaks up all my attention and im overwhelmed by the beauty every single time. i have a new experience every single time.


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