Your head rested in my lap, as you layed yourself down on the couch I had been sitting on for a while already.

While you made us a cup of that fresh ginger tea with some floating verveine leaves and curls of orange peel, we were talking from a distance about what kept us busy throughout the day.

Work mostly, and a rare completely pink sky while I was biking on my way there that morning, is what my share consisted of. Your version was similar minus the latter. Brief answers, yet always purposeful. That is how I know you.

Your eyes were closed, as my fingers meandered through your thick bristly hair. The corners of your mouth curled up out of contentment. So did mine. I felt like sharing over a million things, to get even closer than we already were at that point. And simultaneously, I felt like being in silence. Wondering what could actually add up to this feeling of calm contentment, mentally as well as physically.

And that wonderment, could last until infinity (what a tiring thought), as I hold tons of burning, or less strong smoldering, questions inside in order to unravel the being that you are. And everytime I think I’ve asked them all, there will always be one more. Eventhough I know, these questions aren’t any of your concern. In that moment, I realized, silence can still be very loud. To a busy mind that is.

My smile became more intense, when I looked down and faced yours again. So peacefully and lightheaded.

As if you could feel me watching, you slowly opened up your eyes, as if awakening from a short slow wave sleep, stared right into mine and asked me how it’s possible to state such an abstract thought as “infinity + 1”.


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