Goodmorning Monday
Work your magic ✨

When being asked about your superpower of desire, most of us would come up with powers such as the incredible ability to fly, or to be invisible, the power to heal and cure the ill ones, the ability to lift things no human ever could, or in a more sciencefiction way of speech, having laser eyes and such. And what about powers that would grant you the capability of making wishes come true or predict the future. I guess we all dreamed about having one of the above, at least once. But all these powers, aren’t anywhere near to be in our power. What if we seek much closer, within the reachable wide range of possibilities of our own mind, which can be much stronger than you might think. No, indeed we can not cure all ill people, neither can we make all wishes come true. But what we can do, is looking for what good is inherent to the bad. Because there always is a part of good in everything. Whether it shows right away, or slowely but surely becomes visible. The world doesn’t need to be turned around. But you can give your own vision a playful swirl sometimes.


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