At times, most times, we know what we seek for. We decided we find something beautiful, tasty, comfortable and soothing to one or more senses. We can tell either from our own strong believes that are inherent to the image we create of the self, or from hearing or seeing other people’s experience, or the influence of the media. Once we have the feeling that something might be for us, we can purposefully start to pursue this. We know what direction to follow, since we know what we aim for.
At times, some times, we don’t know what we seek for. It’s at times, we don’t seek at all. At times when we aimlessly walk around and stumble upon something which makes us stop and stare. Something that makes us pause and entangled in a kind of beauty we did not ever experience before. In these very moments, our concept of beauty is being expanded, beyond the familiar. It is a beauty only known, to those who dare to be aimless at times. To those who dare to widen established concepts.
(A tiny example; I walked around yesterday, not looking for anything specific. A few steps before i would be home again, i stumbled upon these flowers. I might have seen them before, but i never took a close look. I loved how the dark purple blue enclosed the clean white heart. They seemed to be dull little flowers at a doorstep before, but they really appealed to me now.)
Being aimless, gives you a ton of million possible aims back.


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