res·er·voir (rĕz′ər-vwär) n.

“A natural or artificial pond or lake used for the storage and regulation of water.”

Our body is a reservoir. Our body is a lake. Storing and regulating all the fluids we intake, need and excrete. As we move, it seeks it’s balance. As we lay still, it picks up it’s own flow and stream. Our waters can tell us something, in the language of it’s pace, it’s colors, it’s substance, it’s distribution, it’s lack and it’s oversupply.

For instance, when we experience something to be the ‘last drop’, we burst out in tears; the figurative bucket overflows. Our waters create a superfluous moment to regain balance. In another scenario, there might be times of dehydration. When one is real angry, we talk about ‘seeing fire in one’s eyes’. The inner water evaporates, the head gets hot, the throat dry. Thirst quickly follows. Being the lake that we are, shows in many forms of expression. Emotions being one of them. Along with our behavior and the physical discomforts we might experience.

A lake embodies stability. A secluded resevoir of water, untouched by the phenomena eb and flow. Once it shows waves, it must be storm. Once it withdraws, it must be drought. Prevent your lake to eb and flow, as you learn to recognize it’s ripples.