Above all, let me introduce myself properly first; my name is Stèphanie Jill Klok, a 29 year old Amsterdam born and raised girl [sidenote]I know I could say woman at this age, but my curiosity for life itself, is what keeps the girl in me alive. Although I do find the mind inside me, old and wise enough to understand the depths of well known philosophers[/sidenote]. If I had to label myself in some way, I’d say I’m a creative.


Creative; when is one a creative?

In my opinion a creative is able to create something out of nothing, under many (if not all) circumstances. Whether it’s a great picture of a horrible setting, a happy song about the roughest day, cook a delicious meal out of what’s for hand, make up a game in the most boring doctor’s waitingroom and whatever more. A creative is doomed to never experience a dull moment, since the mind is always busy seeing ‘the more’ behind everything.

So how does the above fit me? Perfectly well, I must say. With some room left for growth, on purpose.

Where I come from and what I do

Once upon a time, on a rainy november friday in 1988.. -okay, I’ll skip the entire biography for now, and fastforward to the relevant. In 2013 I graduated from my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. Currently, i’m not working in the field of psychology. However, my sincere and deep interest for the human mind and his behavior never left, but took on a different form. Psychology applied in the communications area, is where my focus has been in recent times, until today. More over, me being a creative eversince I could hold a pen and got my first digital camera, I couldn’t neglect the urge to get more out of this second nature too. Over the past few years I’ve been developing my communication skills, such as interviewing techniques and writing for different audiences and purposes. Additionally, I explored the corners of my creativity, in order to grow more and more towards my own unique style. Whenever I have to sum up what I do, I’ll reply: “creatively directing life in text and image”. Details are saved for the ones who’ve got the eye/ear for it.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the infinite scrolling through my work.

For Dutch visitors, I dedicated another blog solely to my Dutch poetry, which you can read here.

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Sincerely yours,

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