that morning, was unlike any other, exceeding in magic. bathing in that mystery his blue eyes were, she could feel the sparkles of a spell called love. -sjk


his lips, as much as his cheeks, resembled young roses – a blush pink tone before the reddening took over. as much as i did, he must have felt the rush in the calm. the upbeat tempo of the passionate fire within us, while our bodies remained in a catatonic state of amazement. -sjk


If thou cans’t not protect thyself from the self, how can someone else? Thou shouldst find strength within thee. -sjk


The process of losing a set of antlers to develop a larger and more branched set, continues for the rest of their lives… Antlers are correlated to an individual’s position in the social hierarchy and its behaviour. The heavier the antlers, the higher the individual’s status in the social hierarchy, and the greater is the…


in winter and summer, everywhere inbetween rain and shine – you’ll always be in the heart of mine. – sjk


waking in the middle of the night, she could still smell the scent of the pinkish purple heather meadows, where her dreams took her. the meadows that allowed her to have endless walks and sudden falls – knowing the landing will be soft. soft enough not to break. firm enough to walk further. the meadows…