The day smiles When the night waits for whiles

No nagging please

And oh, Leave the rain with the trash, can you.

When the wettening began We couldn’t go back Tryin to stay on the surface Water up to the neck Half floating Half about to drown Why did we dive into this From here it all went down

Lacy birds

Sad lady behind the window Next to the charm cat of luck Are u sure u can make it a happy ending Cuz u look like not givin a f*ck

Spacious and squared

Let’s buy stuff we don’t need

Say Cheeeese

Peeking pussycat

Time to switch off the light Make sure to keep shinin on the inside

Sun is out, goodmorning.

Never just in one place.


An Amsterdam kinda view.

Framed freedom

Additional beauty.

Humidity soothes humanity.

We see light We see reflection We see shadow We see positivity We see ourselves We see negativity We see all But don’t always want to That’s when we close the curtains.

Exhausting existence.

Love is no propaganda.

Urban berries.